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Turkey has launched a domestic messaging app to rival Facebook's popular WhatsApp Messenger service, raising concerns among government critics that Ankara could use the new platform to tighten surveillance and bolster an 18-month-old crackdown. The app, called PttMessenger after Turkey's Post
Entertainment is a must be it in any form and if it comes in form of the Celebrity Gossip then there cannot be the purer form than this. Be it any modes of mass communication, the newspaper, the television, the radio or the social networking, each and every one has one section reserved for the entertainment news.
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The heads of the FBI, CIA, and NSA warned U.S. customers from buying Huawei phones and said they would never consider buying one for themselves in testimony on Capitol Hill this week.
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What is #MobMin?
The Twitter hashtag #MobMin is a collection of resources to help you learn more about integrating mobile technology in your ministry.