The Foundations of Media Strategy course gives you an overview on how to plan a social media and mobile campaign to reach unreached people around the world.
4G (100 mbps down/ 50 mbps up) – Ultra-fast Internet connectivity for your Raspberry Pi, excellent for large downloads and video streaming. By Altitude Tech.
“Psst @iccm & @mobmin & half the others following me who do tech & faith work... not my work but my past life in #mobmin totally approves”
Treat your smartphone's battery like you'd treat yourself.
“#HackKandern17 is under our belts. Thanks to all who made this tech mission possible. #Hackathon #code #mobmin #missions”
“Microsoft PowerPoint can now translate your presentations in real-time”
“India overtakes the USA to become Facebook’s top country”
It is now almost impossible to stop location tracking on smartphones. So here are our tips for the best and worst cases of sharing your whereabouts.
There’s one sure fire way of helping to bring your designs and documents to life and that is through the use of simple iconography. I wrote about the brilliant flaticon site in my secret edte…
What is #MobMin?
The Twitter hashtag #MobMin is a collection of resources to help you learn more about integrating mobile technology in your ministry.