“With a 200ft range and able to serve 30 people at once, Pastorbox is a very powerful educational tool #mobmin #mobilemin https://t.co/AdLqkc9rDO”
“Confused by all the social media and marketing lingo? Bookmark this handy dictionary of social media terms: https://t.co/zpdO2dlgFT #mobmin #mobsm #chsocm”
“Funny you tweet this... This was a key concept/question that was the genesis of @mobilminmag in 2004; back then, it was a question (& branched into others) I asked many church/community leaders. It was rejected as a perspective then. The data now... interesting #mobmin https://t.co/pEFkoLIkw8”
“Collaborate on effectiveness at the intersection of Theology and Technology. Grab your ticket
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“If you're involved in #mobmin, I need your input... What would you say are the TOP 4 APPS for sharing the good news in missions-type settings? Please hit reply and share your sugggestions. Thanks!”
“If you're looking to up your game in using video for marketing, @wistia is hosting CoucnCon 2018 tomorrow, a FREE virtual conference with loads of great presenters. Register here: https://t.co/NhSXhNKGeb #mobmin #videomarketing”
“This might be a great resource for any #mobmin folks thinking of developing app or media resources for a cross-cultural audience. #missions https://t.co/Pyv1mANMd3”
“Hey #mobmin folks, what would be on your list of the best 4 apps or resources (audio/video/other) to keep on one's phone for sharing the good news in a cross-cultural setting? #missions”
“Maybe the best all-around portable drive you can get. The SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable SSD is affordable, small, fast, durable, and water & dust resistant: https://t.co/B3Njf3ac0x #travel #mobmin #photography #backups #business”
What is #MobMin?
The Twitter hashtag #MobMin is a collection of resources to help you learn more about integrating mobile technology in your ministry.