Share Lab uses flow charts and data analysis to map one of the greatest forces shaping our world - Facebook.
This week we take a look at a few key features that are important to keep in mind when choosing apps for encrypted communication. Our weekly program is edite...
Why you should buy a case for your smartphone, and maybe a screen protector, but pass on an extended warranty.
Your gut knows quite a bit about business does it? Although many business people have been known to brag about following their gut, it’s probably not the best way...
If you're a homeschool parent or a teacher with a limited budget, Internet-in-a-Box might be just what you've been looking for. Its hardware requirements are very modest—a Raspberry Pi 3, a 64GB microSD card, and a power supply—but it provides access to a wealth of educational resources, even to students without internet access in the most remote areas of the world.
“Great watch for anyone interested in social or visual media: #visualmedia #mobmin #mobsm #mobvid #chsocm”
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A microvideo is a short video, six to sixty seconds long, optimized to meet a desired outcome such as knowledge transfer or any call to action.
Anyone who builds technology will tell you: The camera is the new keyboard.
Editor's note: The author of this article chose to remain anonymous. Imagine if you can use your social media accounts to change people’s lives. To be hone
What is #MobMin?
The Twitter hashtag #MobMin is a collection of resources to help you learn more about integrating mobile technology in your ministry.